5 Tough Rock Faces To Try When Climbing in The Peak District

I have been climbing in the Peak District for many years now and I never get bored of it. There are just so many exciting places to climb and so many rock faces to scale. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other climbers and introducing the sport of climbing to new people who are looking for a physical challenge and see the Peak District.

Ant Crack-Yarncliffe Quarry

Grade Severe

Climbing Ant CrackAs soon as you walk into Yarncliffe Quarry this line catches your eye-a perfect crack going all the way up the cliff. This crack in the rocks is so perfect looking, It looks as though it’s been drawn on the cliff with a pencil and ruler.

This is where your jamming skills are useful as you can sink the fist jams into the crack and utilise small footholds on the right wall for your right foot while jamming your left foot in the crack.

Another reason why I also like Ant Crack is it’s well protected, so take your medium to large cams with you.

The location is glorious when the sun is on it. Why is it called Ant Crack? Well, it’s all in the name. Be careful of the huge ants which live it at this cliff, they bite!

High Neb Buttress-Stanage

Grade Very Severe

High Neb Buttress - StanageI really like this climb because of the superb positions that you can achieve. The Buttress offers great climbing and good protection too. Not to mention the fantastic location, Stanage Edge is one of the best-known venues for climbing in the Peak District.

High Neb Buttress starts with some tricky and bold moves to get established on a nose, and you need to move up onto a ledge, the next move up is ok but bold then you soon arrive at a good number 3 or 4 cam slot. From here it gets technical, slabby moves leads to better holds and the top. the climbing is Just fantastic.

Bring your medium to large cams, and of course your camera because this buttress is just a joy to climb.


Phoenix Climb-Shining Clough

Grade Very Severe

PhoenixThis north facing cliff is the home to some of the most excellent climbs in the Peak District. Take note, this face needs a long dry spell to come into condition, but once its ready, this climb is a must. The cliff requires an hours uphill walk to get to it and as you soon arrive at this dark fore sombre cliff, your eye is soon caught by a superb crack line going all the way up the cliff. Good jamming skills are essential for this climb as they can just sink in.

An added bonus is it’s well protected by good cams and nuts. What’s also good about this climb are the views from the top. Also, take a moment to reflect that this climb was put up by the renowned Peter Harding in 1947.


Aurora -Stoney Middleton

Grade Very Severe

The small village of Stoney Middleton used to be the forcing ground for climbing in the 1960/70 but went out of vogue for a long while, but it’s now becoming popular again. The Limestone cliffs that line the road into Stoney, are imposing. Limestone offers the chance to do some multi-pitching climbing.

Aurora packs a lot into its two pitches, although the first pitch is poorly protected. A second pitch, up corner, looks intimidating from the bottom but when you actually climb it, handholds and runners are plentiful.

The first pitch involves a poorly protected move onto a ledge then you have to traverse out onto an exposed nose and make bold moves up the nose to a welcome peg runner. After that more technical moves to the belay ledge.

The second pitch involves difficult moves up a corner, followed by bridging and a move onto an exposed ledge with a big drop below you. Take plenty of nuts and larger cams. Aurora makes it into my top five Peak district climbs because it has great positions, is exposed and it keeps you thinking. Also, when the sun is out, it’s just superb!


Red Wall with the Delectable Variation – Lawrencefield

Grade Very Severe

Redwall at LawrencefieldLawrencfield offers some great climbing routes, but Red Wall is a gem of a route deserving its 3 stars. Often overlooked as its away from the main cliff. Red wall has a totally improbable looking line, especially the second pitch.

It starts with difficult moves to get established in a groove, which is followed to a large ledge. From the ledge you have to inch your way along the ledge, place a good friend runner and launch out along the wall to the arete in superb positions. After that the climbing is easy but you need bold moves up the arete to the top.

I’d describe this ascent as “totally brilliant”.  Take your nuts and cams. This climb has good protection


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Millers Dale Viaduct Abseiling Day, A Success

Aspire Adventure Activities were booked to provide abseiling at Millers Dale Viaduct by Nick Beck for Matt stag party on the 27 April 2018.

The day dawned cold and wet but on meeting the group at Millers Dale car park they were well kitted out and enthusiastic although Matt who was only told of the activity on the day was a bit apprehensive as he was not a  great lover of heights.

After kitting the group out with ropes, harnesses and helmets and getting volunteers to carry equipment, we set out for the abseil site, after a 10-minute walk we arrived at Millers Dale Viaduct, Derbyshire. Matt went slightly quiet on seeing it but was determined to have a go.

millers dale viaduct abseiling

Abseiling Equipment Checks

The group were shown their abseiling equipment and after a short introductory session in which the group were shown the basic principles of Abseiling Matt volunteered to go down first.

After seeing Matt go down, Pete his dad went next followed by Nick. After a couple of goes, we then decided to move to the abseil over the river. Matt was happy with what he had achieved but was willing to be at the bottom of the abseil to pull them in before they hit the water!

Abseiling from bridges

Nick went first and followed by Pete and both enjoyed so much they decided on a second go which they both were successful in doing.

All the group enjoyed the abseiling and felt they had achieved so much and after a team photo together and after a short walk back to the car park the group decided after the goodbyes to retire to the Red Lion pub at Litton to meet the rest of the group and celebrate their achievements.

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Millers Dale Viaduct Abseil – May 2018

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Millers Dale Viaduct Abseil

Date: May 28th 2018

The Millers Dale Viaduct Abseil is one of our most challenging and exciting experiences to try as you are dangling in space 90 feet above the river below. It will definitely get the adrenalin flowing!

Millers Dale Viaduct Abseil

Abseiling Millers Dale Viaduct

Abseiling Millers Dale Viaduct

Meeting point:

Millers Dale Station – car park at 9.30 am.
Cost: £25.00 adult. £15.00 under 18’s.


The nearest postcode is SK17SN but this covers a large rural area. Depending on which direction you come from either the A6 or A623 take the B6049 until you come to Millers Dale and take the turn off signposted Wormhill. Go up the hill under two bridges and take the first turn left into Millers Dale Car park. Drive through the car park to the end where I will be waiting.


Milller’s Dale Viaduct Abseil

Aspire Adventure Activities were booked by South Mimm’s Youth Club, one of our long established customers to do the Millers Dale Viaduct Abseil. This is one of the most challenging and exciting experiences to try as you are dangling in space 90 feet above the river below -it will definitely get the adrenalin flowing!

abseiling millers dale

Dave met the group in the car park-the boys were late as they did not want to get out of bed! The boys were kitted out with helmets and harnesses first and volunteers soon came forward to carry the kit and after a short walk along the path, we arrived at Millers Dale Viaduct.

Abseiling Millers Dale

The group decided to start off with the short abseil first to get their confidence up which is about 60 feet high and Oliver volunteered to be the first one to go down. Once the boys saw Oliver abseiling down and then running ran back up the path wowing about it, everyone wanted a go. After two abseils each the boys then decided they would like to have a go of the big abseil over the river which is 90 feet high.

abseiling millers dale

Oliver again volunteered to go first, what a star.  After going down and again raving about it. All the boys queued up to have a go.  The boys all felt they had a really super time and achieved so much and thought the abseil was a real challenge. They could not wait to get home and tell their friends and parents!

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Rock Climbing In the Peak District – Yarncliffe Quarry and Birchens Edge

After looking at the weather forecast decided to go rock climbing for the day with Dave H on the gritstone cliffs Yarncliffe Quarry and Birchens Edge, near Hathersage.

Climbing in Yarncliffe Quarry

rock climbing Yarncliffe QuarryThe weather forecast was reasonable, so we decided to go rock climbing on the Gritstone at Yarncliffe Quarry and Birchens as these are sheltered locations. The cliffs have a selection of fine climbing routes some which are classic.

Ar Yarncliffe Quarry Dave H led first up ‘Ant Crack’ a severe climb which is his favourite route. I then led the classic route ‘Latecomer’.  We total climbed up to 11 routes varying in grade from ‘Severe’, to Hard and ‘Very  Severe’.

Climbing on Birchen Edge

After lunch, we moved onto Birchen Edge which was very quiet. Birchen Edge is a gritstone rock face in the Peak District, England, popular with walkers and climbers, it’s a very popular climbing location as most of the routes are in the lower grade.rock climbing on Birchen Edge

Dave H led Victory Crack which was bit of a struggle. I then led Sail Buttress a Classic Rock route. Having completed 13 routes in the day we decided that was enough.

Here at Aspire adventure activities we are always practising our skills and looking for new and exciting routes to use with our customers.  Furthermore, it’s essential to remain familiar with the local conditions because rock faces change and can become damaged or obstructed.

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Stag Party Activity March 2018

Aspire Adventure Activities were booked to provide activities by Sam Vivash, this was for his brother’s Stag Party in the Peak District. The chosen activities were Mine Exploration and Abseiling, this is a very popular choice for stag parties and provides some great photo opportunities.

The Stag party consisted of a group of 8 friends from all over the UK including Bradford and Newcastle.  Some of the group had never done any adventure activities before but all of them wanted to have a go of something new and exciting!

Mine Exploration

For Mine Exploration we took the Stag party to  the Devonshire Lead Mine, which is located in Matlock Bath, and dates back to the Industrial Revolution. The Stag Party were kitted out in Caving suits as the Mine can be muddy and a bit wet in places but htis all adds to the fun! The suits would also keep them warm. Helmets and lamps were also given out.

The group were apprehensive about doing the Mine Exploration as most of them had never been underground before . However, once in the Mine the group soon relaxed under Chris, the instructor’s, professional and reassuring guidance. The trip lasts over 2 hours and consisted of walking, crawling, squeezing through small tunnels and gaps and finding their way around the Mine using a map and of course getting a bit muddy!

By the time we came out of the mine for lunch it was snowing heavily so lunch was eaten in the cars to enable the group to keep warm.

Abseiling in Whatstandwell

After lunch we headed off to Dukes Quarry, in Whatstandwell where the stag group did a 90  foot abseil down the cliff, The weather was getting interesting with heavy snow showers falling and strong winds but the group were all excited and determined to have a go of the abseil as some had never done the activity before.


While I set up the ropes Chris gave a short demonstration of abseiling so the group knew the theory of how to do it and the stag was “volunteered” to go first down the abseil which he happily did. The ‘best man’ went next and then all the other group members had a go. After four goes each the group decided they were happy with what they had achieved, especially as some of them were very apprehensive of abseiling.  They departed for their warm accommodation having had a fun-filled day.

if you are organising a Stag party or need ideas for activities why not contact Aspire Adventure Activities or click here to call 01629 732445

Climb the Costa Blanca

Climbing In Spain

We recently took a climbing trip to the Murcia region of Costa Blanca with Jenny, Pete and Barry. This was a great opportunity chance to broaden our knowledge of the single and multi pitching climbing available in this limestone region of Spain.

To climb the Costa Blanca we booked our accommodation was in Almoradi. Almoradi is ideal because it also caters well for any non-climbers in your group. If you have partners, friends or children who are not planning to climb, Almoradi offers plenty to keep them entertained. The town is also just a short drive from Alicante airport.

Good Places to Climb in Murcia

We visited various cliffs including Para Negra, El Rut which are fantastic multi-pitching climbing venues and La Panocha and Marin which were single pitch climbing venues.

Climb the Costa Blanca

We particularly enjoyed being able to climb new routes and this created chance for Pete to visit cliffs he had never been to before.

Pete said his standout day was Climbing El Rut cliff,  where we completed 2 four-pitch multi-pitch routes called Noche Buena and El Mechon de Pico in a day in temperatures of up to 25c° with Dave leading both crux pitches.