Traditional Climbing Course

When talking about traditional climbing or “Trad climbing”,  it’s important to understand what that term means. It’s a style of Rockclimbing in which a  climber or group of climbers place all the equipment required to protect against fall, and remove it when a pitch is complete. Trad climbing gear So now we know what Trad climbing means, what equipment do we use besides harnesses, ropes, helmets and rock shoes when doing a traditional climbing course? Since the 1970’s the development in protective Trad climbing gear has made the sport safer and in turn more popular. Contemporary protective equipment includes nuts, spring-loaded camming devices, slings, tricams, hexagonal shaped chocks and aluminium, steel or brass nuts. These are removable pieces of metal which can be jammed into cracks to support a weight during a fall but can be removed at the end of a climb. Harness Knots for climbing anchors A number of […]


Great Climbing routes for beginners In the Peak District.

Climbing Routes For Beginners

When choosing climbing routes for beginners in the Peak District, the problem is where to start as there are so many! The routes I have chosen are located on some of the best climbing cliffs in the Peak for novices to enjoy. Beginners Climbing Route at High Buttress Arete, Windgather Rocks Rockclimbing at  Windgather Rocks is a delight, it has wonderful views, great climbs for beginners and is easily accessible. As you walk up to the cliff High Buttress Arete just catches your eye at once majestically soaring up in front of you as you approach the rocks. Although its steep once embarked on the route the holds just keep on coming  but as you reach the top there is a final difficult move up with no hold in site but soon  as you feel around you hand arrives on this huge jug which enables you to make the last pull […]


Peak District Climbing Instructor

Climbing Instructor derbyshire

If you are thinking of doing some rock climbing in the Peak District, then you should certainly speak to Dave Mathews.  Dave is a Peak District Climbing instructor, based in Matlock, Derbyshire. Running a long-standing and successful outdoor adventure company, Aspire Adventure Activities. Dave is one of the more experienced Rock climbing instructors in the Peak District. He has been involved in the Outdoor Activities Industry for over 30 years since graduating from teacher training college with a degree in Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies. After a number of years working at the Storey Arms Outdoor Centre in the Brecon Beacons instructing in Rock climbing, Caving and Canoeing Dave went freelance working in various LEA Outdoor Centres and organising his own courses and basing himself on the Peak District. Who can climb in the Peak District? Anyone is welcome to come and climb with Dave. We organise all our day courses according to […]


Give A Climbing Gift This Christmas

Climbing Gift vouchers

Stuck for a present that’s something different for a friend or loved one for Christmas?  Can’t think of a birthday present for someone who has everything or just deading Christmas shopping? Then the gift of Climbing Experience is the ideal present because: Not another pair of boring socks! Easy to purchase. All you have to do is contact us. Valid for a year so you can wait for good weather. Flexible on location in Derbyshire All equipment provided. How to Give A Climbing Gift This Christmas To purchase just contact us and we will do the rest. A gift certificate with a card will be sent to the lucky person straight away. We realise people have busy lives so our gift certificates are valid for a year so you can wait for good weather or a time suitable for you. The locations we for our climbing days are on some […]


5 Tough Rock Faces To Try When Climbing in The Peak District

Redwall at Lawrencefield

I have been climbing in the Peak District for many years now and I never get bored of it. There are just so many exciting places to climb and so many rock faces to scale. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with other climbers and introducing the sport of climbing to new people who are looking for a physical challenge and see the Peak District. Ant Crack-Yarncliffe Quarry Grade Severe As soon as you walk into Yarncliffe Quarry this line catches your eye-a perfect crack going all the way up the cliff. This crack in the rocks is so perfect looking, It looks as though it’s been drawn on the cliff with a pencil and ruler. This is where your jamming skills are useful as you can sink the fist jams into the crack and utilise small footholds on the right wall for your right foot while jamming your left foot […]


Rock Climbing In the Peak District – Yarncliffe Quarry and Birchens Edge

Yarncliffe Quarry Climbing

After looking at the weather forecast decided to go rock climbing for the day with Dave H on the gritstone cliffs Yarncliffe Quarry and Birchens Edge, near Hathersage. Dave MathewsDavid Matthews is a qualified teacher having a BEd degree in Outdoor Education and has been involved in working with groups through outdoor activities for 25 years.


Climb the Costa Blanca

climbing in spain

Climbing In Spain We recently took a climbing trip to the Murcia region.  Our aim was to climb the Costa Blanca, with Jenny, Pete and Barry. This was a great opportunity chance to broaden our knowledge of the single and multi pitching climbing available in this limestone region of Spain. Dave MathewsDavid Matthews is a qualified teacher having a BEd degree in Outdoor Education and has been involved in working with groups through outdoor activities for 25 years.