Great Climbing routes for beginners In the Peak District.

Climbing Routes For Beginners

When choosing climbing routes for beginners in the Peak District, the problem is where to start as there are so many! The routes I have chosen are located on some of the best climbing cliffs in the Peak for novices to enjoy.

Beginners Climbing Route at High Buttress Arete, Windgather Rocks

Rockclimbing at  Windgather Rocks is a delight, it has wonderful views, great climbs for beginners and is easily accessible. As you walk up to the cliff High Buttress Arete just catches your eye at once majestically soaring up in front of you as you approach the rocks.

Although its steep once embarked on the route the holds just keep on coming  but as you reach the top there is a final difficult move up with no hold in site but soon  as you feel around you hand arrives on this huge jug which enables you to make the last pull to the top with glorious views all around.

Beginners Route at Trident Arete, Harborough Rocks

Climbing routes for beginners

Harborough Rocks is a small limestone cliff in the Southern Peaks looking over Carsington Waters and the rolling hills of the White Peak.Why is it called Trident Arete-there is a nearly detached piece of rock protruding up to the sky on the climb which looks like a Trident.

The climb starts off with a few steep moves on a wonderfully pocketed rock until you arrive on a large ledge where you can rest. From here moving right enables better holds to arrive and soon you are perched below the Trident and using this you can pull up steeply to the top. Although only short it packs a lot into it!

Beginners Climbing Route at Heather Wall, Froggatt Edge

To climb Heather Wall requires a 30-minute walk in which makes it more of an adventure. When you finally arrive below it this corner soars up in front of you. The climb is a super introduction to gritstone climbing requiring many techniques especially jamming with hands and feet.

The initial starting crack requires a steep up on a good jam which leads you to the main corner. From here jamming your right foot and hand in the crack and using your left foot To friction on smooth rock, you finally find some welcomed pocket s for your left foot. One more awkward bit of jamming and you finally reach the top with fine views over the Dark Peaks.

Hollybush Crack, Stanage Edge

Stanage, one of the most famous  Rock Climbing cliffs in the Peak District and is a mecca for climbers from all over the world. The guidebook description sums up Hollybush Crack ‘the clean-cut corner is steep and excellent’.  Standing at the bottom of the climb it looks daunting!

The bottom half has some polished footholds to start and requires a few awkward moves to better holds which lead you to the more imposing upper part of the climb. With juggy handholds which inspires confidence steep moves lead to the top-the route is impressive at the grade and definitely warrants its 3 stars a great tick for any novice.

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