Visiting from Overseas? Try Rock Climbing in the Peak District

Climbing Days in the Peak district

Are you visiting the UK from overseas and want to try something that the Peak District is famous for?

Rockclimbing on Stanage Edge

If that’s the case, then Rock climbing is the answer. The area has an iconic status as one of THE places to go and climb and its not unusual to be climbing at Stanage Edge and meet visitors from all over the world. Recently I’ve met people from the USA, Australia, Finland and China.

So what’s so attractive about Rock Climbing?

The simple answer is that the Peak District within its small area has such a diversity of cliffs to choose from. There are over 10,000 climbs within the National Park, from the famous gritstone edges of the spectacular Stanage to the awesome limestone cliffs of High Tor, it has something for everyone.

Then there’s the character of the Peak District. The Peak District is so accessible, being close to all the cities of Derby, Sheffield and Nottingingham, not forgetting Manchester.

It has climbs which are suitable for everybody.  The classic example is Stanage Edge:- the mecca for rock climbers which has over a thousand climbs. There is the classic easy route of ‘Flying Buttress‘ to the world famous Joe Brown route the ‘Right Unconquerable‘.

A Peaceful, Picturesque Escape

climbing in the Peak DistrictAnother reason to climb in the Peaks is that you are climbing surrounded by such a variety of landscapes. The rolling hills of the White Peak which runs from the Staffordshire border up to the Hope Valley. Including the former Spa Towns of Matlock and Buxton.  The White Peak is famous for its limestone walls.

The rugged landscape of the Dark Peak.

The Dark Peak covers the high ground between the Hope Valley and the South Pennines.  It reaches into the moorland above the villages of Baslow, down to Bakewell and towards Matlock. The rocks here are Millstone Grit, commonly known as ‘Gritstone’.

When the heather and gorse are in full bloom, climbing at High Neb on Stanage Edge, you’ll be looking out on a moorland covered in swathes of purple.

Or climbing on Windgather Rocks, the most wonderful gritstone cliff to climb on for novices you look out towards the Cheshire Plain and the famous Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank.

Not to mention Birchen’s Rocks with its association with Admiral Nelson. A lot of the climbs having a nautical name after such as “the great admiral” or the ‘three midshipman boulders’ with the names of the flagships from the Battle of Trafalgar. It all adds to the experience.

Rock climbing at Harboro Rocks
Limestone Rock climbing at Harboro Rocks.

Then there is nothing quite like finishing your last climb on Stanage  Edge and looking out at the view while the sun is setting. It’s just so magical. So come and be inspired by the peak district.

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