Telford Scouts Enjoy Caving in The Peak District

Telford Scouts

Aspire adventure activities were booked by scout leader Matt Wyld for the 2-3rd June 2018 to provide 2 days of caving activities in the Peak District for 1st Priorslee scouts, from Telford.

The first caving experience was a trip into Devonshire Lead mine, Matlock Bath. The mine is located on the hillside above the temple hotel and is a labyrinth of tunnels dating back to Roman times but extensively worked in the industrial revolution.

scouts on caving trip

Kev West CIC was asked to run the course and we duly met the scouts at Matlock Bath, kitted them out with helmets, lights, suits and wellingtons and Kev gave the team a briefing before setting off on the adventure.

The mine entrance is a gated iron door which, when opened, gives a glimpse down into the mine. As you descend down, you eventually come to a maze of tunnels that the scouts eagerly set about, exploring. The kids got a feeling of what it must have been like to work here.

On exit, the group felt good about what they achieved and were all looking forward to the challenge of Carlswark Cavern the next day.

Caving at Carlswark Cavern

Carlswark Cavern is a contrast to the mine as it involves an easy but imposing entrance. There are crawling sections, squeezes through narrow gaps and wet bits where you have to crawl through water which can come up to your chest depending on your height.
caving activities in the Peak District
The groups, after a briefing from Kev, entered the cave and all happily negotiated these challenges as we’d used the Devonshire Mine trip as a prep for this trip as it gave the Scouts confidence in being underground and encouraged them to work as a team.

On reflection, the Scouts had a fantastic couple of days and finished the day with BBQ at their campsite.  We hope to see them again soon,

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