Three Great Peak District Caves

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Being an outdoor activities instructor is so rewarding. Getting outdoors on a daily basis is something I recommend for everyone. That’s why I’m writing a series of blogs highlighting all the best things about a range of outdoor adventure activities. In this article, I’ll be sharing with you Three Three Great Peak District caves.

Carlswark Cavern, Stoney Middleton

Carlswark Cavern is a cave which has a sense of adventure about it.  With an imposing but easy entrance, the cavern features walking, crawling, wet sections, stalagmites and stalactites and fossilised oysters beds.

The entrance to Carlswark Cavern is a small chasm on the ground which looks pretty scary to the novice. First, you have to climb down into the chasm and follow a narrow tunnel down into the main cave. From here, we go forward on hands and knees until making your way into the main cave where you can stand up and gaze in fascination at the fossilised oyster beds which stretch along the roof of the cave.

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After walking through the cave passing below stalagmites and a squeeze through a narrow letterbox the roof starts to get and the remainder of the trip involves crawling through wet sections where the water which can sometimes be up to waist height, squeezes and passageways with stalagmites.

The joy and smiles on peoples faces on reaching the end of the cave is soon taken away by having to reverse everything you have done to get out! They love it really!


Devonshire Mine, Matlock Bath

Derbyshire was a hive of Mining in the Industrial Revolution and some of the mines date back to Roman times. Devonshire Mine is a contrast to the caves as well as being man-made there is a lot of history associated with them.

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The entrance to this Peak District cave involves going through a gated door and descending down a fixed ladder into a maze of passages, some you can walk through others you can crawl or squeeze through.

You can see where miners used to stand for long hours using a pickaxe digging away to extract the lead using only a candle for light and you soon realise the harsh conditions they use to work in.


Giants Hole Cave, Buxton

For those wanting a less demanding caving experience, Giants Hole Cave has everything. The cavern has a really easy way in, fantastic passages sculpted by water where you can walk, the odd short squeeze for the adventurous and an awesome chamber at the end which takes your breath away.

getting in is easy-you just walk in. As you walk through the passageways you feel as though it’s like Jules Verne ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ and that is what is because Giants Cave is one of the deepest in Derbyshire.

Our trip leads us down winding passages until you reach Base Camp Chamber where you emerge into a huge chamber with pure white stalactites hanging from the ceiling, calcite curtains, Gour pools, water gushing out from a small fissure in the rock and walls covered with white calcite.

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The end of the trip comes when you reach Garlands Pot, this huge awesome circular hole in the floor with water sometimes cascading which adds to the atmosphere-a trip not to miss.

I do hope that you found our descriptions of our favourite Derbyshire caves useful and interesting?

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