Stag Party Activity March 2018

stag party fun day

Aspire Adventure Activities were booked to provide activities by Sam Vivash, this was for his brother’s Stag Party in the Peak District. The chosen activities were Mine Exploration and Abseiling, this is a very popular choice for stag parties and provides some great photo opportunities.

The Stag party consisted of a group of 8 friends from all over the UK including Bradford and Newcastle.  Some of the group had never done any adventure activities before but all of them wanted to have a go of something new and exciting!

Mine Exploration

For Mine Exploration we took the Stag party to  the Devonshire Lead Mine, which is located in Matlock Bath, and dates back to the Industrial Revolution. The Stag Party were kitted out in Caving suits as the Mine can be muddy and a bit wet in places but htis all adds to the fun! The suits would also keep them warm. Helmets and lamps were also given out.

The group were apprehensive about doing the Mine Exploration as most of them had never been underground before . However, once in the Mine the group soon relaxed under Chris, the instructor’s, professional and reassuring guidance. The trip lasts over 2 hours and consisted of walking, crawling, squeezing through small tunnels and gaps and finding their way around the Mine using a map and of course getting a bit muddy!

By the time we came out of the mine for lunch it was snowing heavily so lunch was eaten in the cars to enable the group to keep warm.

Abseiling in Whatstandwell

After lunch we headed off to Dukes Quarry, in Whatstandwell where the stag group did a 90  foot abseil down the cliff, The weather was getting interesting with heavy snow showers falling and strong winds but the group were all excited and determined to have a go of the abseil as some had never done the activity before.


While I set up the ropes Chris gave a short demonstration of abseiling so the group knew the theory of how to do it and the stag was “volunteered” to go first down the abseil which he happily did. The ‘best man’ went next and then all the other group members had a go. After four goes each the group decided they were happy with what they had achieved, especially as some of them were very apprehensive of abseiling.  They departed for their warm accommodation having had a fun-filled day.

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peak district climbing instructor

David Matthews is a qualified teacher having a BEd degree in Outdoor Education and has been involved in working with groups through outdoor activities for 25 years.