Orienteering is a great activity for everybody. You can saunter round the courses at a leisurely pace or turn it into a competition and race around! 

Orienteering involves using a map to navigate yourselves around woodland or moorland to find hidden markers and clues and is a good way to improve your navigation and fitness and is popular with everybody. It is a great way to see the countryside.

The courses we use are ideal for groups of mixed ages so as to allow people of varying levels of fitness to work in teams to succeed and enjoy themselves. Great activity as part of a Stag and Hen day

We also provide prizes for each event so everyone is a winner!

An orienteering event can be combined with another activity to make a great day out. Orienteering is a highly effective activity to be built into a teambuilding package.

Orienteering events can be arranged in various locations in the Peak District including:

  • Buxton area
  • Matlock
  • Hathersage
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